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Tuba Mouthpieces
Rim width: 7.76mm * Cup: 33mm * Throat: 8.43mm
My most popular design, the MF3 boasts a large inside diameter and a deep, funnel-shaped cup.  The comfortable, slightly rounded rim allows for excellent flexibility and ease of articulation. The depth and shape of the cup allow you to put a lot of air through the instrument, providing an expansive low register, and a rich, mellow tone. 
This design features the  comfortable rim of the MF3, but the cup is more rounded at the bottom, creating a bowl-shaped mouthpiece which can provide an even stronger, more powerful tone than its counterpart.

Same cup as MF3 but with a sharper, flatter rim.
Rim: 7.62mm * Cup: 32.3mm * Throat: 8.43mm
This mouthpiece was designed primarily as an F/Eb tuba mouthpiece, but I've found it to be an excellent choice for smaller contrabass tubas as well. The shallow cup provides a lighter, more lively sound (still lots of core) and great projection for solo and small ensemble playing. Also perfect for nailing those high orchestral excerpts on the big horn. The rim contour and cup diameter match the MF2B perfectly, allowing the player to switch effortlessly between mouthpieces as the situation (or instrument) requires. This eliminates the adjustment necessary at the embouchure, and lets you concentrate on making music.

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Same as MF4 but with the sharper, flatter rim.

Rim: 7.76mm * Cup: 33mm * Throat: 8.43mm
A new design to complement the MF3, featuring the same rim shape and size but a slightly shallower cup. This large diameter, medium deep mouthpiece is an excellent choice for folks who prefer a large but not extremely-deep cup. Makes an excellent all-around mouthpiece for medium and large contrabass tubas.
Same as MF5 but with the sharper, flatter rim.

Rim: 7.62mm * Cup: 32.3mm * Throat: 8.43mm
This mouthpiece has a deep, bowl-shaped cup, providing a clear and focused tone throughout the range of the instrument. This versatile mouthpiece is an excellent all-around mouthpiece for contrabass tuba for those who prefer the response and clarity of a bowl-shaped cup.  Also works very well in large Eb and F tubas.
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Lighter versions of the MF3H and MF5H
are in stock and ready to ship, others are available by special order.  E-mail me for info on rim or shank modifications of any MF mouthpiece.
Announcing the re-birth of a classic American tuba mouthpiece:
The new MF "H" is a faithful reproduction of a 1920's Conn H  mouthpiece.  This rare mouthpiece has been referred to as "the mother-berg" as it is considered to be the earliest example of a Helleberg mouthpiece.  Today, myriad makers offer a variety of "Helleberg" mouthpieces in various sizes and shapes.  The common feature is the funnel-shaped cup, often paired with a narrow, sharp rim.  The Mike Finn "H" has a wider, more comfortable rim than many current models, but still with enough "bite" to give you fast and clear articulations.  Don't let the small diameter fool you, the cup is every bit as deep as that of my MF3, the deepest in my line-up.  This is a big mouthpiece in a small package. 
MF "H"
Rim width: 8.03mm
Cup diameter: 32mm
Throat: 8.48mm

Click HERE to view a page of the 1924 Conn Basses catalog featuring the "H" and other historic mouthpieces.
Silver plated tuba mouthpiece: $145
    Satin silver with bright gold rim and cup:  $195

   Silver mouthpieces are in stock and usually ship within a few days of order, gold plate may increase delevery time by 30 to 60 days.  Other finishes are available, please e-mail me for details.

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