Click the link below to view detailed descriptions of all my current mouthpiece designs.

  MF 3


UPDATE - August 30, 2020:

MF3, MF3H, MF4, MF4H, MF5, and MF5H are in stock and ready to ship. Price is $175,  free shipping in USA.  MF3B are in progress, but it will still be a few weeks before they are ready.  As soon as I have a more firm date, I will open a pre-order event.  Check back here, and on my FB page as well.  Thank you for your understanding, and stay safe out there!

 MF 3B


more coming soon!

  MF 3H*

 MF 4

 MF 4H

 MF 5


* MF3H is a reduced-mass, "lite" design, closer in size and weight to a traditional non-heavyweight mouthpiece.  It has the same specs as the original 3H, and is an excellent all-around mouthpiece for both concert and marching band.  E-mail me for pics if interested.

E-mail me for other plating options

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