MF 3

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UPDATE - October 30, 2020:

  MF3B are in stock and ready to ship!  Order now, quantities are limited.  The next batch is scheduled for early December delivery.  Other mouthpieces in stock include MF3, MF3H "Lite", MF4, MF4H, MF5, and MF5H.  Click the "Buy Now" button next to the one you want and follow the prompts to order securely.  I've also got some bass trombone and euphonium pieces in stock, email me for more info.

 MF 3B

  MF 3H*

 MF 4

 MF 4H

 MF 5


* MF3H is a reduced-mass, "lite" design, closer in size and weight to a traditional non-heavyweight mouthpiece.  It has the same specs as the original 3H, and is an excellent all-around mouthpiece for both concert and marching band.  E-mail me for pics if interested.

E-mail me for other plating options

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